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Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity Policy

The MK Group aims to respond to the diverse needs of individuals by delivering equality and diversity for clients, suppliers and employees. Our commitment to diversity and equality means that everyone at The MK Group has a duty to:

  1. Promote equality and diversity in staff recruitment, retention and advancement
  2. Promote equality and diversity in the delivery of The MK Group’s services
  3. Promote an atmosphere in which people of all backgrounds feel welcome, valued and respected.

The MK Group values the diverse nature of its staff and of those using our services. We will ensure that this is reflected in all our practices, policies and services.

The MK Group’s commitment to equality involves much more than positive action to promote equal opportunities and eradicate discrimination. It means that we are actively committed to encouraging and promoting the richness brought to the organisation by the diverse nature of our staff and service users.

A commitment to this policy is required of all of The MK Group’s staff and partners.

The MK Group’s Aims

To embed equalities in all our work and use the process of mainstreaming to ensure this occurs through the following methods:

Strategy and policy development

  1. We will ensure all business strategies integrate equalities and address issues relevant to the equality & diversity strategy, as well as challenging disadvantage and discrimination, where appropriate.
  2. We will develop strategies and policies in consultation with stakeholders and will take their specific needs into account.
  3. We will carry out equality impact assessments on all company strategies and reviews of strategies to ensure equalities issues have been fully integrated into all aspects of strategy development and delivery.
  4. We will regularly review each of the equality schemes (Race, Gender, Disability, Age, Sexuality, Ex Offender, HIV/AIDS and Faith) and revise them as necessary.
  5. We will ensure that equality and diversity initiatives, policies and developments are discussed and agreed by The MK Group Board.
  6. All Directors from The MK Group will be members of the Equalities Policy Team

Business planning.

  1. The MK Group will produce key equality actions as part of its corporate business plan.
  2. The key equality and diversity actions will be supported by detailed operational equalities plans. These will outline the work The MK Group will be undertaking that has a clear equalities dimension, with outputs and timescales.

Operational processes

  1. All managers have responsibility for ensuring their work takes into account the specific needs of targeted groups and that:
    1. It is anti-discriminatory
    2. Involves equality planning and evaluation
    3. Prioritises actions and resources to those in greatest need
  2. The MK Group will carry out equality impact assessments on our major projects.
  3. The MK Group will ensure that all Best Value Reviews consider equalities issues.
  4. The MK Group will review, monitor and evaluate its equalities outputs annually and set new targets.
  5. The MK Group will provide support and guidance for staff through training and development programmes.

Measuring progress

  1. The MK Group will monitor and assess its progress against each of its equality schemes.
  2. The MK Group will monitor progress against the equality and diversity actions in its business plan.
  3. The MK Group will monitor the resources it devotes to equality and diversity at board level.
  4. The MK Group will evaluate managers and staff teams on the extent to which they have delivered on planned outputs relating to equality and diversity through its formal performance review system.
  5. To create an organisation which recognises the contribution of all staff, and which is supportive, fair, just, free from discrimination and which champions equality and diversity.
  6. To become an exemplary organisation for the promotion of equality and diversity in service delivery and for challenging discrimination.
  7. To have and implement exemplary employment policies and practices.

Being an exemplary employer

  1. The MK Group will develop and implement conditions of service for staff that:
    1. Are amongst the models of best practice
    2. Are fair, not discriminatory and provide equality of opportunity
    3. Balance the needs of individual members of staff with those of the organisation
    4. Ensure they are treated with dignity and respect at work.
  2. The MK Group action plan will detail actions and initiatives to help the company to achieve equality and diversity in employment.
  3. The MK Group will periodically carry out reviews to equality-proof our staff policies and practices.
  4. The MK Group will develop and implement positive action measures in recruitment and in learning and development initiatives.
  5. The MK Group will ensure that all staff have access to appropriate learning and development activities.
  6. The MK Group will support and promote staff support groups for minorities in the workplace such as different ethnicities, disabled people and homosexuals.
  7. The MK Group will ensure staff have the right to celebrate and honour faith days through use of flexible working and annual leave, if the days are not statutory holidays.
  8. The MK Group will work with community and specialist bodies to source applicants from a wider pool.
  9. The MK Group will aim to adopt age equality in the workplace.
  10. The MK Group will promote its policies and procedures that enable staff to challenge unfair and discriminatory behaviour and practices that are incompatible with its dignity at work policy and we will ensure that these policies are effective.

Setting and monitoring employment targets

  1. The MK Group will consider and implement appropriate monitoring and reporting of faith, sexuality and disability.
  2. To involve The MK Group staff, Suppliers and Clients actively in our work and ensure our work has direct relevance for equality.

We will make documents and policies available to all

  1. The MK Group will implement our accessible communications policy by ensuring all our published documents and strategies are written clearly and clearly display information on how to obtain alternative formats
  2. The MK Group will provide summaries of key documents in Plain English
  3. The MK Group will make documents available on request in alternative formats, i.e. languages other than English, British Sign Language; Braille; audio cassette; CD, large print.
  4. The MK Group will provide documents in line with available resources.
  5. The MK Group will ensure its websites comply with current accessibility standards.
  6. The MK Group will publicise the availability of accessible information.
  7. To deliver the functions and services, that The MK Group is responsible for, in a way that ensures access for all and prioritises action to benefit those experiencing greatest disadvantage.

Targeting resources to meet need

  1. The MK Group will assess the impact of its work on equality to identify and allocate resources where they are most needed.


  1. The MK Group will provide accessible information and publicity to the equality target groups.


  1. The MK Group will develop fair procurement policies to ensure we promote compliance with equalities good practice.
  2. The MK Group will develop policies and procedures that take a positive approach to working with individuals, organisations and companies from the equalities target groups.
  3. To ensure that The MK Group is regarded as an exemplary employer.
  4. To influence and support others to promote equality and diversity and to adopt best practice.
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