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Promotion to WOW new customers

“Adding the factor to consumer engagement”


Designed to transcend the brand values that customers experience in-store into their homes, Smurfit Kappa’s WOW Packs make the home delivery experience more exciting.

Originally produced for a leading, Oxford Street department store, Smurfit Kappa’s WOW Packs were designed to make the home delivery experience more exciting. The MK Group created a glossy, 8-page, landscape sales brochure to promote the concept to other luxury retailers and brand owners as well as packaging designers.


The MK Group produced a glossy, 8-page, landscape sales brochure in support of a mailing campaign where the sample gift boxes were filled with products and sent to potential clients.


Smurfit Kappa has received positive feedback from the brochure and supporting sample pack and some promising leads.


Smurfit Kappa Pre-print

“Making the Impossible Possible” – digital campaign


The Preprint division of Smurfit Kappa, which specialises in preprinted liner for corrugated board manufacture, approached MK to help generate industry awareness and educate the market of the capabilities of Smurfit Kappa preprint to sheetplants and screenpriners.

The overall objective was to infiltrate new markets rather than capturing existing opportunities.


Using the flying pig analogy, we worked closely with the client to demonstrate how preprint can make seemingly impossible jobs…possible, challenging existing perceptions.

Using a variety of communication tools, a digital campaign was put together targeting sheetplants and screenprinters separately with uniquely designed email e shots explaining the benefits and suitability of preprint for different requirements.

In support of this a double-sided, reversible brochure was developed as a sales tool to explain in more detail the opportunities that preprint can provide both sheetplants and screenprinters.

A link to download the brochure was incorporated into the e shot and integrated inbound marketing techniques were employed to capture the data of those who registered to download the communication.


The campaign has seen very positive results so far with many recipients expressing direct interest in Smurfit Kappa’s offering.

A sample pack, complete with flying pig, is being developed to send to prospective clients in follow up to the success of the digital campaign.


Latest Tweets from MK

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Follow Rose Drew as she blogs about her latest challenge, working as a Medic to the British Antarctic Survey.


Rose Drew, Anaesthetic Registrar and Daughter of the MK Group’s Company Secretary Nick, is embarking on a life-changing journey to the Antarctic to work as a Doctor to the British Antarctic Survey. The adventure, set to put Rose’s experience and expertise to the ultimate test, will see her living and working in the polar region for two years, as a multi-discipline medic to the wide range of Mariner, Scientific, Support and Administrative teams that work on the BAS.

Not one to shy away from such conquests, during her career Rose has worked as an expedition medic in Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Honduras and on the Amazon.

You can follow Rose via her online blog as she prepares, embarks and shares her experiences during this exciting adventure.

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