Research is the creation of a base of accurate, actionable information, on which strategy can be built.

We build this base gradually. We begin with Desk Research, then progress to Quantitative Field Research, then to Qualitative Field Research. Only after these three phases is the picture complete.

Desk Research

Research begins with a market survey using existing materials: published market data, the trade press, the client’s own information base.

There can be an oversupply of information, a severe shortage of it, or sources that contradict other sources.

mk desk research builds from these sources a picture of the market – its size, structure, drivers, financial/technological trends, key players and their shares. A picture that is consistent, thorough and as accurate as possible.

Quantitative Field Research

At this stage, the picture built up from behind a desk is tested, via questionnaires and brief interviews.

At the same time, the client itself is examined in depth. Its products, technology, channels, market position and awareness.

At the end of this stage, we have a tested model of the marketplace and a real understanding of where the client fits in this market.

Qualitative Field Research

Now, we have to find out why the situation revealed in the above two phases is as it is.

This is done through in-depth, face-to-face interviews with key customers, major distributors, industry pundits and other relevant individuals.

At the end of this phase, we not only understand what the market situation is, but how this situation has come about, and, more important, what we can do to change it in the future.

We are ready to talk strategy.